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Who We are

Keichour Int. Transport & Trading was established in 1990 to be the best partner to both business people and industrialists. This was achieved through providing the best services, competitive rates, and an annual turnover of 60% at the end of one year.


Our Mission

We will be the company to solve all logistic transport issues for all kinds of goods exported from and imported to Syria from all sectors.

We will do it:

  • By finding and applying the most appropriate transport means - trucks , vessels, airplanes, or trains
  • By always giving quick information on delivery time
  • By applying honesty and trust in business principles
  • By offering fair prices
  • By developing a professional organization, where the management shows the way with a good example.


Our Vision

To make Keichour a well reputed brand name and become the best and biggest company in the transport sector in Aleppo and Syria with international branches in selected key countries for transportation to and from Syria.

Corporate Policy

Having in mind that customers deserve the best and as a member in FIATA (International Federation of Forwarding Agent Associations), Keichour Int. Transport & Trading has excelled to be the first Syrian transporter to be awarded the ISO 9001:2000 Certification (Certificate of Quality Management in International Transport & Certified Deposits).

The company works on solid bases with well-trained staff that enjoys a high level of expertise, professionalism, and flexibility.

Quality Policy

We, the administration and staff of Keichour International Transport & Trading are ready to serve our customers by extending all efforts, time and attention they need, and we commit ourselves to be quite flexible to meet their requirements.

We undertake to ship the goods to their destinations with the optimal accuracy, safety, and within a shortest time and the least cost. This endeavor starts from the time the goods are loaded, then cleared from customs, and finally delivered to the factories and/or warehouses of customers. We always work on double-checking all documentation in order to avoid any errors, defects or delays that would cause a delivery delay.

Having in mind that progress has no boundaries, and that working hard to make this company a success, and eventually an international transporter, the administration of Keichour International Transport committed itself to abide by ISO 9001 in the year 2000 in order to boost efficiency and meet the requirements of all customers, suppliers, and staff. Besides, the company committed itself to comply with all laws and regulations stipulated by the customs as well as the other governmental circles.

We believe that the good relationship with our customers and the continual endeavors to boost progress and apply new transport concepts is the very essence of our corporate existence.

Keichour International Transport & Trading

Saleh Keichour